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Meet the Author Kerry Lavelle 12:00

March 21, 2017

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Meet the Author with Kerry Lavelle

March 29 at the Meet the Author Webinar. Program starts at Noon.
Join the Center for Practice Management for another free webinar for NCBA Members. This time, we're very happy to welcome Kerry Lavelle, author of The Business Guide to Law.  
There are many books out there about starting a law firm and growing your practice. What makes The Business Guide to Law stand out is the focus on the business aspect. It answers all those necessary questions (and more) that are important in creating and growing a unique law firm business. Author Kerry M. Lavelle is a lawyer that started and grew a law practice, and this book grows from his experience and wisdom. This book covers, in great detail, the time needed by you, and how best to spend it to grow your law firm.
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