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Learning Objectives: Encryption at Rest and in Transit

July 24, 2019

Website: https://crm.ncbar.org/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?webcode=EventInfo®_evt_key=9203DBD1-044A-4539-8D7F-B4C0729E68E3&RegPath=EventRegNoFees

Whether third party encryption or setting built into the technology you use every day there are a number of ways to encrypt emails and their attachments. Why do you need to encrypt them? Here are a few scenarios: You are a real estate attorney under constant thread of wire fraud and man in the middle attacks;  you are a family law attorney with an enraged spouse potentially between your emails and your client; you don’t know whether your client is reading the email on a corporate device that by policy brings into question the privilege of the email; you are emailing patent specifications; you are representing a government whistleblower and the list goes on. The question is when do you NOT need to encrypt emails and securely send documents to clients. We will look at a variety of ways to easily and efficiently get this done.

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